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It’s true ,flattery will get you anywhere…doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a guy or girl. Note I’m not talking about the wishy washy flattery but a genuine acknowledgement of one’s work by another human being. This happened to me a few months ago when Karabo Morule from Bafokeng Corner in Phiri ,Soweto contacted me for a feature in my blog. A quick research on this company showed me how woke the owners are. What impressed me was a couple of things ,but the most was their website, well the fact that they have one in the first place was a wow-moment.


I chose this spot for one of our meetings with my Gemini Food Warmer partners one Saturday afternoon in September. Finally I met Karabo ,in person and due to our email conversation with this Bafokeng Marketing & Sales Manager I had a smallernyana trip to their offices at the back, where I also met the Owner Lehlohonolo Mofokeng the perks of being a blogger. Another highlight was their Health & Safety signage around the building, so no worries you are safe at this corner in Soweto.


Coincidentally I was seated next to one of their loyal patrons & she told me why she loves this place. Her reasons were “…ambience, sense of belonging, warm reception by staff ,mature crowd on Sunday and the delicious Mogodu dish on Mondays!”

And I can attest that Sunday is a good time to visit Bafokeng Corner, better go early to find seats though. You can get your Car washed, enjoy Slap-chips, Kotas ,Shisanyama or Chill at the Lounge all in one corner, Bafokeng Corner.


Soweto Gold – Superior Lager

In life it’s true that some of the hidden treasures are right beneath your nose. I didn’t know about this craft beer called Soweto Gold, even worse that it is brewed right inside this famous township, Soweto. These guys are running a proper brewery at Ubuntu Kraal Orlando West there must be something magical with this area of soweto,no manga manga business. It was introduced to me during an impromptu meeting at the Rocomamas Restaurant, I was shocked and right then I knew the topic of my next blog post.

Ladies & Gents I introduce to you the Superior Lager that is SowetoGold


And they have “Soweto Passion” as one of the ingredients…love it! This is truly the definition of #DrinksEkasi one of the subjects for this blog. It must just be easily accessible that’s it.

I wish Mr Ndumiso Madlala & the @SowetoGold Team the best of luck for their future endeavours and may they grow into a huge conglomerate in Africa.




Days are getting longer and nights getting warmer. Not suprising that I attended a food festival called , just as we are saying bye-bye to Winter on this side of the equator. This was an invite via Facebook by the way the Power of social media , one of those chain invites where a friend invites a friend invites another friend so we can all be friend…Lol

#CookOutSunday is a growing Food Festival held in Diepkloof ,Soweto that a #Foodie like me greatly appreciates and LOVEs! Apparently the organisers had to find a bigger space due to the rise in the number of patrons. Well the space was still small according to me, so we’ll forgive them since they are aware of this issue…Oh another thing is they forgot to mention that there’s an entrance fee, no squabbles with the entrance fee but the least they could’ve done is mention it ,especially for us new attendees. Other than that it was hella proper.



There were lots of food & catering companies ,from startups with no name to guys who frequent such events. Clothing companies as well though I only saw one…

Trendy sox, these guys tell me you can find them at the Pretoria Gautrain Station and Maboneng Precinct.


Meet a lady who has creatively created #spicyyummythingsmuffinsSpicy Dumplings or as I would like to call’em spicy dombolo & Spicy Muffins & Spicy Chicken Livers. All thanks to her homemade sauce ,you go girl! She goes by the name @chabiluv on Instagram. I sampled  & it sure has a Kick…well chillies is not my thing, contact her if you fancy spicy dishes.


@Gorge_ soulsix (instagram) who makes delicious Chicken wraps even Mogodu wraps! I must try this mogodu wrap actually…


#JoziRib who specialises in Ribs and Wings . They frequent markets & food events at Maboneng and at the Constitution Hill.


And met these 2 gents who were starting out, in fact this was their 1st even ,they don’t even have a company name yet LOL…good times!


Thanks to the team for an awesome event!

Bob’ezy ft Sinai – Close to you


This song has that cool easy feeling …

It makes me remember smell of rain, summer rain in particular…

It reminds me of the beautiful days we have in summer here down south…

Oh but the sound of house music under the African skies…Aaah


SaziiAfrika Bags

I heard of this brother & his bags on social media, Facebook to be precise. I did a quick research and found his contact details and brought myself this wonderful original South African backpack. These are handmade and beautifully crafted and they are known as Magoduka bags/ Magoduka backpacks. His facebook account is Sazi IAfrika Mnduzulwana and he is now on Instagram as saziiafrika. So I saw it fit for this article to debut my new blog page ,Products Ekasi!



ada bag

This is the one I have…

brown bag

Winnies Tuckshop

The power of social media…as soon as I laid eyes on this Monstrous Kota in a Facebook post from Winnie’s Tuckshop 196 Libya Street at Isivana Section in Mambisa aka Tembisa I knew what my next target is Bwahahahaa.

This is one huge kota I’ve ever seen or eaten, no wonder I hunted it down. I have to admit the unofficial of the #UltimateKota goes to Tembisa !You guys know your business, yerrr maan. And I hear there’s more on offer especially at Isivana Section #bucketlist… I’m salivating as write this post, yeah even after the kota I just had. This delicious tower is made up of a bed of Fried Chips then Lettuce, Cucumber, Egg, Bacon ,Burger and Cheese!



Okay maybe my pictures don’t do justice to this master piece!


Xoli’s Pub & Restaurant in Zola

This has to be one of the most loved & famous dishes in South African homes ,Pap & Beef Liver. Moreso that it’s sold in township restaurants like Xoli’s Pub & Restaurant in Zola 1 Soweto. It’s a simple dish but not everyone has the skills to get it right, so I always choose carefully whenever I crave liver. Hence before my overseas trip I decided to indulge in this local cuisine…Liva_Pap pic01

I love how at Xoli’s Pub & Restaurant they garnish the Pap with the sauce…

And how the Juicy beef liver melts in your mouth. This plate is enough for 2, that’s how generous the people are at Xoli’s.

Liva_Pap pic02

They’ve expanded their menu from Drinks & Food, it now includes Cakes ,Scones ,Tea & Coffee.

Liva_Pap pic03

Sir LSG feat. Brian Temba & Kafele – All I Am

One of SA’s underrated artist Brian Temba delivers a Powerful Performance on this song! AS he describes what he wants his loved one to do with his LOVE…He normally sings RNB but damn he does an Excellent job on this house number, enjoy.


Gemini Mobile Food Warmers

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