Liberado Flavoured Beer

The seems to be a trend of Mexican or Spanish inspired beers in South Africa. To my amazement this Liberado Flavoured Beer is a SAB product, a local product.

The problem is it’s not a beer, more like a cider if you ask me. It is a Sweet tasting beer, err who wants a sweet tasting beer😱? Actually it’s more like a flavored Miller Beer. nothing like a Beer ie none of that Bitter taste we luv…

When diluted with Ice, taste goes away disappears!

Definitely for ladies…

MASH Braai House – Comaro Crossing

mash-imageIf you want Delicious South African indigenous food ,I strongly suggest MASH Braai House. I visited their second home, in Comaro Crossing ,I have to admit it is a classy venue, trendy & upmarket. There’s ample seating space, downstairs and upstairs. And the food is Amazing!! If you don’t fancy these dishes, they also offer Stew and/or Braai’d meat.


I don’t get why they don’t have menus though.

Another drawback is the music was a bit louder ,so you must shout when speaking to the person on the other side of the table.



Food is served with these starch choices, Samp or Dumpling, 2 veggies and Chakalaka.

Rice and Chicken – Asia

The Singaporean people or should I say Asians love their rice. I guess its like Africans and Papa/Sadza/Ugali. This was another late night meal in the streets of Singapore ,actually I was looking for the Hainan Chicken dish and I think I didn’t express myself very well to the waitress😎. I ended up with this dish instead. Not complaining. And if you wondering ,I used that big black spoon for rice, my chopsticks game is poor.

FYI it was 22:10 pm.

The streets were buzzing!

Young and Old!

Nasi Lemak the return!

I have been humbled…I was wrong! This Malay dish Nasi Lemak if made well is a very tasteful dish. My first experience was not nice so I was doubtful the 2nd time. Needless to say I had a big piece of humble pie along with Nasi Lemak. My colleague ordered it for lunch & urged me to try it ,this time I was blown away. Maybe because the was Fish, maybe. The taste was good this time around, it didn’t feel like a prepackaged meal like the first one did.

I guess this Qiji fella knows is a damn good chef!!

Blu Jaz Cafe Singapore

Its 10pm and you are getting the munchies? 😋 on the streets of Singapore? Worry no more because this city doesn’t sleep…but seriously what time do the Singaporean sleep??? Anyhow that was me last night and fortunately across my hotel there are cafes. I chose Blu Jaz Cafe not knowing it’s their “Monday Madness”.

The was a live band playing rock n roll but atleast I recognise one or two songs. One of them goes like so “…Summer of 69, best days of my life”

I ordered a light meal cos of the time. I needed something that will be prepared quick & not too filling, a Ham sandwich. And it was time to taste the local brew, Tiger Beer! They both didnt disappoint and I’m glad to say my 10pm meal combo was delightful😬!

Breakfast Adventure ParkRoyal Singapore

Once in a while if you are an adventurous guy like me you get bad surprises & then Good Surprises. Here’s my list, starting with the bad surprises!

1. Nasi Lemak – not good

2. Vegetable Quiche – delicious

And lastly the winner… Cheese Tau fu!

This African man is in love with the Cheese Tau fu!!❤️👌🏾

Dragonfruit aka Pitahaya

Today I sampled the Dragonfruit also known as Pitahaya and just in time i was told only to eat the white part😳…Shoooo atleast my stomach won’t suffer an attack😂😂😂! Looks scary but Delicious it has a familiar taste! I just can’t put my finger on it…

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Photo cred: Wikipedia

My Asian Plate

I’m attending training in Singapore and for lunch we had a buffet. So I was expecting burgers or pizza but because we are in Asia we are eating healthy. Now this shocked me, the good shock by the way! No wonder the people here look fit & healthy.

All this food is new to me and so obviously I was excited, to sample the following;

  • Pineapple rice
  • Cereal fish
  •  Breaded Scallop
  • Steamed Siew Mai and
  • Tempura prawn in tartar sauce.

Piri Piri Cozinha Portuguesa – Lesotho

We decided to take a short-leftnyana, well it’s a big left because we ended up in  a different country, Lesotho. Home to the Basotho people. We met up with a few friends in a Portuguese Restaurant tucked away in the capital city ,Maseru. The Piri Piri restaurant is nice, quiet & laid back ,so we chose to sit in the lapa. I played it safe and ordered a chicken dish, which I expected to come alive in my mouth but I was disappointed. It was overcooked and was poorly marinated. The good thing was I got to taste Maluti Beer!

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