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It’s true ,flattery will get you anywhere…doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a guy or girl. Note I’m not talking about the wishy washy flattery but a genuine acknowledgement of one’s work by another human being. This happened to me a few months ago when Karabo Morule from Bafokeng Corner in Phiri ,Soweto contacted me for a feature in my blog. A quick research on this company showed me how woke the owners are. What impressed me was a couple of things ,but the most was their website, well the fact that they have one in the first place was a wow-moment.


I chose this spot for one of our meetings with my Gemini Food Warmer partners one Saturday afternoon in September. Finally I met Karabo ,in person and due to our email conversation with this Bafokeng Marketing & Sales Manager I had a smallernyana trip to their offices at the back, where I also met the Owner Lehlohonolo Mofokeng the perks of being a blogger. Another highlight was their Health & Safety signage around the building, so no worries you are safe at this corner in Soweto.


Coincidentally I was seated next to one of their loyal patrons & she told me why she loves this place. Her reasons were “…ambience, sense of belonging, warm reception by staff ,mature crowd on Sunday and the delicious Mogodu dish on Mondays!”

And I can attest that Sunday is a good time to visit Bafokeng Corner, better go early to find seats though. You can get your Car washed, enjoy Slap-chips, Kotas ,Shisanyama or Chill at the Lounge all in one corner, Bafokeng Corner.


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