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Blu Jaz Cafe Singapore

Blu Jaz Cafe

Its 10pm and you are getting the munchies? 😋 on the streets of Singapore? Worry no more because this city doesn’t sleep…but seriously what time do the Singaporean sleep??? Anyhow that was me last night and fortunately across my hotel there are cafes. I chose Blu Jaz Cafe not knowing it’s their “Monday Madness”.

The was a live band playing rock n roll but atleast I recognise one or two songs. One of them goes like so “…Summer of 69, best days of my life”

I ordered a light meal cos of the time. I needed something that will be prepared quick & not too filling, a Ham sandwich. And it was time to taste the local brew, Tiger Beer! They both didnt disappoint and I’m glad to say my 10pm meal combo was delightful😬!

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