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If you ever thought that your online work or blog goes unnoticed in this planet, of 7 Billion people…Well I’m here to tell you that my friend one day, someone somewhere will notice you & give you that credit and validation you longing for. #itsroughoutchea #itgetslonelyintheworldwideweb This person who’s a…

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Bafokeng Corner

It’s true ,flattery will get you anywhere…doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a guy or girl. Note I’m not talking about the wishy washy flattery but a genuine acknowledgement of one’s work by another human being. This happened to me a few months ago when Karabo Morule from Bafokeng Corner…

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Cookout Sunday food
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Days are getting longer and nights getting warmer. Not suprising that I attended a food festival called cookoutsunday , just as we are saying bye-bye to Winter on this side of the equator. This was an invite via Facebook by the way the Power of social media , one of…

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