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Chef Ntobis – Ice Cream

Chef Ntobi ice cream

Aaah….Ice cream in Winter!

Chef Ntobi ice cream

This still seems as a prohibited experience. I mean ice cream is/was originally meant to be enjoyed on a hot-sunny days. I had an opportunity to sample a brand new brand, brand new frozen dessert…how wonderful! To explain, this cold treat is…Peppered with nuts and fruits. It has a Rough texture. Flavor is Vanilla.

I can describe it as another ice cream flavor called Tin-roof but much much Much better. Chewy, yes very deliciously chewy…The funny thing is it doesn’t have a name yet, well at the time I tasted this ice cream. And bonus I’ve never met the creator of any ice cream I’ve had in the past, so I feel special that I met the lady who made this oh so heavenly treat. Meaning it is a Proudly South African product.

If you like me & aren’t scared to experiment, contact the Head Chef, Chef Ntobi at Catering and Events …It definitely “tantalized my taste buds”

Instagram account: Beatrice_0512

You might even be the one who gives this awesome dish a name!!

up close

spoon up

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