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Conti Music – Free Royalty Free Music

Contimusic Royalty Free Music

If you ever thought that your online work or blog goes unnoticed in this planet, of 7 Billion people…Well I’m here to tell you that my friend one day, someone somewhere will notice you & give you that credit and validation you longing for. #itsroughoutchea #itgetslonelyintheworldwideweb

This person who’s a 1000 km’s away, across your border, across the sea, who don’t know you & might not even know how to pronounce your name.

The mail that started it all…

Take my story for example…here I was walking and minding my business in these Internet Streets and *walla* I receive mail from Tom – Contimusic Asking me if I would consider using their royalty free music on one of my next releases/projects. for once i was a Hip Hop Star


Free backtracks

So if you looking for a backtrack, head over to the Contimusic website…their music is 100% Copyright Clear.You can download their tracks for free on condition that you credit them and place a link to their site. There are payment options if you prefer that route..

p.s. I loved the song “Good Morning Sunshine”


Contimusic Royalty Free Music

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