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Cookout Sunday food


Days are getting longer and nights getting warmer. Not suprising that I attended a food festival called , just as we are saying bye-bye to Winter on this side of the equator. This was an invite via Facebook by the way the Power of social media , one of those chain invites where a friend invites a friend invites another friend so we can all be friend…Lol

#CookOutSunday is a growing Food Festival held in Diepkloof ,Soweto that a #Foodie like me greatly appreciates and LOVEs! Apparently the organisers had to find a bigger space due to the rise in the number of patrons. Well the space was still small according to me, so we’ll forgive them since they are aware of this issue…Oh another thing is they forgot to mention that there’s an entrance fee, no squabbles with the entrance fee but the least they could’ve done is mention it ,especially for us new attendees. Other than that it was hella proper.



There were lots of food & catering companies ,from startups with no name to guys who frequent such events. Clothing companies as well though I only saw one…

Trendy sox, these guys tell me you can find them at the Pretoria Gautrain Station and Maboneng Precinct.


Meet a lady who has creatively created #spicyyummythingsmuffinsSpicy Dumplings or as I would like to call’em spicy dombolo & Spicy Muffins & Spicy Chicken Livers. All thanks to her homemade sauce ,you go girl! She goes by the name @chabiluv on Instagram. I sampled  & it sure has a Kick…well chillies is not my thing, contact her if you fancy spicy dishes.


@Gorge_ soulsix (instagram) who makes delicious Chicken wraps even Mogodu wraps! I must try this mogodu wrap actually…


#JoziRib who specialises in Ribs and Wings . They frequent markets & food events at Maboneng and at the Constitution Hill.


And met these 2 gents who were starting out, in fact this was their 1st even ,they don’t even have a company name yet LOL…good times!


Thanks to the team for an awesome event!

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2 thoughts on “CookOutSunday

  1. So I landed myself at the SowetoCookOut -Surprisingly I didn’t bump into you Sihle….But I must say, the event was amazing! Food, Music, Happy people and the Ambiance! The weather was perfect too; as I sat there analyzing the situation, I realized there is no greater feeling knowing you are in your hood and you feel surrounded by love and happiness! Strangers greeting each other, introducing old friends to new friends, laughter and smiles all the way, warm hugs, fist bumping, hand shakes, high fives and blow kisses in the air… easing surrounding in deed.
    Going to the food stalls to name a few, I saw a lady with a hearty plate, on it was Lamb Shank and the other with Ox-Tail stew, I drooled over the meals, I am a red meat lover, as I walked around, I layed my eyes on some scrumptious desserts, the sugar to hype up my bubbly self…and my palate was in awe when I tried the drinks! I am a food lover and for such a person I enjoy such in a company of happy people and I try just about everything I see.

    (My summer body is ruined forever because of FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD)
    But I say – Lets have more of these type of events and life would be merry! Morapedi Molefi (organizers)has pulled this one to the “T”! I’d definitely do it again.

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