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Gemini Mobile Food Warmer

Besides blogging about food I’m also a partner in a startup called Gemini Mobile Food Warmer, whereby we rent out Food Warmers for events like Weddings, Parties, Funerals & Tombstone Unveiling. These trailers/food warmers are a normal now in S.A. well thanks to some pioneer!!  Come to think about it I’m not sure if they are used any other countries besides ours, will be interesting to know…hhmmmm!


For those who don’t know…A food warmer is a trailer/container used to warm food (simple & short explanation). Basically how these work is just like their name says they keep food warm ,this is necessary for big events i.e. after food is cooked & prepared it stays warm until such time it is read to be consumed. So in this case the stoves/ovens are solely used for cooking. insidewarmer This is because in events like weddings or funerals ,the food is prepared the night before and then next morning we come & deliver the Food Warmer. So we then transfer the cooked food from those big pots into the warmer dishes & turn the warmer on. If you need further clarification give us a call ,the numbers on the pic below. Even better when you have any big event coming soon give us a call…

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  1. Please want to buy mobile foodwarmer I are you the retailer how much is the cost one foodwarmer

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