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Hiptown Lounge Bloemfontein

Places to go in the city of roses Bloemfontein at night…

The night was still young for us Jo’burgers in our first day in Bloemfontein! After the disappointment that was Mahungra we found the next spot which proved to be Outstanding!!!

Hiptown Lounge1

The name of this pub is Hiptown Lounge apparently it used to be known as Ekhayeni (don’t quote me on that one)…okay I must admit the name needs some getting used to! But the place is a pretty good picture on the eye I tell ya. As soon as I went in I was drawn by the design of the place, they even have a display of the food, well meat they sell…Now I was impressed!! There are few rooms that are meant for an intimate seating i.e. they have couches & the sound is low inside. On the wall are 2 Bloemfontein Celtic Soccer t-shirts autographed by the members of the team at that time. You can never visit the city of roses without seeing the green & white soccer shirt! So far this is my best pub ekasi (in a township) in a different province to mine (Gauteng). As per normal the music the Dj was playing is House and as if to show off ,the music was sublime 3 finger emoticon that says very nice!!! Even better the Dj was an entertaining figure & I had to find out his name and its Dj Stone & he told us he has been playing for over 10years, so if you know him or ever bump into him tell him Sihle Mgobozi says Holla! Dj Stone is the reason we stayed until 3am in Hiptown Lounge and I enjoyed every minute of my stay.

Apologies for the dark pics…

Hiptown Lounge2

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