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How to cook a Bobotie

This recipe serves up-to 8 people but you can adjust the ingredients to make a smaller dish.


1 – Fairly thick slice crust-less bread  (White or Brown)

375ml – Milk

25ml – Oil

10ml – Butter

2 – Onions sliced

2 – Cloves Garlic ,crushed (Tip: Slice them thinly ,sprinkle with salt & crush with blade of knife)

25ml – Curry Powder

10ml – Salt

25ml – Chutney

15ml – Smooth Apricot Jam

15ml – Worcester Sauce

5ml – Turmeric

25ml – Brown Vinegar

1kg – Raw Mince

100ml – Sultanas (Tip: don’t replace with Raisins ,they are too sweet – Sultanas are much better for this recipe)

3 – Eggs

Bay Leaves

Pinch both Salt & Turmeric

Cooking Method:

(1) Soak Bread in milk.

(2) Heat Oil and Butter in a large pan ,fry Onions and Garlic.

(3) When Onions are soft add Curry Powder, Salt, Chutney, Jam, Worcester Sauce, Turmeric, Vinegar and mix well.

(4) Drain and mash bread and reserve milk.

(5) Add Bread to pan ,together with Mince & Sultanas. Cook over low heat, stirring and when meat loosed its pinkness (color), remove from the stove.

(6) Add 1-beaten egg ,mix well then spoon into a greased 28 X 16cm baking dish and level the top.

(7) Beat the remaining eggs with reserved milk (you should have 300ml or a little more), add the Salt & Turmeric.

(8) Pour over Meat mixture and put a few Bay Leaves on top.

(9) Stand dish in a larger pan of water (Tip: this is important to prevent drying out) and bake, uncovered at 180 degrees Celsius for 1hour or until set.


Serve with Rice ,Coconut ,Chutney ,Nuts and Bananas.

Tip: A handful of quartered Almonds adds to the flavour and texture.


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