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Isinkwa soMbila/ Home-made Corn Bread

Direct translation from Zulu to English:- Isinkwa = Bread, Mbila = Corn


Fresh Mielies/Corn


Baking Powder

Pinch of Salt and Sugar

Cooking Steps:

Firstly grate your Mielies

Step 2:

Mix your dry ingredients

Step 3:

Add your Mielies and mix. If your dough is not soft enough add a bit of water.

Step 4:

Please note do not bake but steam the dough for about 1hr 45 min to about 2hrs.

p.s. I didn’t give a number of cups of Flour and Mielies ,it depends on the size of your pot that you going to use or the amount you’d like to produce.

The aroma that fills the kitchen is Lovely and Nostalgic!!

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5 thoughts on “Isinkwa soMbila/ Home-made Corn Bread

  1. My boyfriend has been asking to make isinkwa sombila for so long. He enjoys it with amasi. I’ll surprise him today when he comes home… Thanks Sihle!

  2. Thank you Sihle for sharing. I have been dying to make one myself. I have not had this bread in a year, and my timing of going home just does not coincide with the season yemmbila. I’ll try it this weekend,

  3. Thank you, I can smell the aroma in my imagination, nostalgic indeed. What is the proportion of Fresh Mielies/Corn to Flour?

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