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Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

When I saw this in the fridge at my local liquor store I thought no ways this is no beer, I mean with a name like that, Lol!! KilKenny Irish Cream Ale ,a beer Brewed in Ireland. First there’s this word Cream and second Ale, #haveyouever cos I’ve never seen a beer described in that way. Well you live you learn right? My inquisitive nerves kicked in and I had to taste this baby and boy I’m glad I did. It is Smooth and Distinguished just like the label says. What I find interesting is the gold finishes on the can, that’s a pretty nice touch if you ask me. Ladies & Gents this beer is delicious! And as if the owners are showing off they put a small plastic ball inside. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kilkenny Kilkenny_ball

The craft beer trend is slowly picking up here down in the Southern part of the Earth, so this is another market waiting to be explored. More to come on this blog, definitely.

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