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Kwa Lichaba in Vilakazi Street

I have been meaning to visit this Shisanyama/Car Wash/Pub in Vilakazi Street, Orlando West Soweto. So it was fitting that i went in the festive period! If the two marketing beacons don’t grab your attention then the white bulbs/lights around Kwa Lichaba sure will! Oh and it was their birthday i.e. they were turning One. It’s a spacious venue with a joyful atmosphere that has ample space for a car wash plus the patrons who are there to enjoy music and drinks. The great thing about this pub is that they allow you to bring your drinks along as in you & your cooler box can waltz right in not a lot of places offer this option.

Lichaba outview

We ordered food ,which is Meat braaid/barberque ,Pap and Chakalaka/relish. You choose what type of meat you would like i.e. red meat, wors &/or chicken, but because we were in the festive mood we went for all! Their Chakalaka is so scrumptious such that it was quickly wiped off the plate.

Lichaba food

This place has an electrifying atmosphere maybe because of all these lights…oh ya there are Television screens all over the place so you won’t miss your favorite soccer team. I was not impressed by the music tho which is not a biggie.

p.s. This is a delayed postLichaba outview_1


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