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Liquid Smoke

Words won’t be enough to express my first Liquid Smoke experience, so i will let the pictures do the talking…Before i do let me explain what Liquid Smoke is, (taken from their website) “it is a product that adds natural smoky flavour to any food; something that could traditionally only be accomplished by a person with a smoker and a lot of time on their hands.” Or in my explanation this product gives cooked food, well in my case cooked meat that Coal-fired Braaied Flavor!!…basically cooked or grilled meat taste like it was prepared on a braai stand over fire!! There are three flavors available in SA which are Hickory, Mixed Hardwood and Beech. I was fortunate enough to receive samples by the Liquid Smoke team *woohoo*!!!…ps I used Beech for my chicken.

…btw Braai is the South African version of a Barbercue

beech pic2gojipic03

thambo pic

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