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Mahungra Bloemfontein

We received an invite for a wedding from a distant relative and turns out this family lives in Bloemfontein which is about 400km from where I live Johannesburg. It’s a 4hrs – 4.5hrs drive from Jozi to the City of Roses as Bloem is affectionately known. We arrived friday night late I might add & because of the jolly mood I was in I suggested to my people let’s go explore you know go on a night adventure.

Our first stop was a hangout spot called Mahungra, which is essentially a car wash during the day & people go hangout at night. Funny thing I notice is how many people flock to this spot even though they mainly serve/sell food, that is no alcohol is served unlike many other places like Mahungra. Well atleast they serve you music, in their terms obviously! It’s a good place to be in a friday night in Bloem but they turned me off with the music that was played, in particular a song by Mgarimbe – Sista Bettina …besides the trashy lyrics I found it totally irrelevant for it to be played in 2015 and for people to sing along…*OMG moment* …So far I was not impressed, needless to say we decided to move on & explore further!!!


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