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MASH Braai House – Comaro Crossing

MASH Comaro Crossing Image

mash-imageIf you want Delicious South African indigenous food ,I strongly suggest MASH Braai House. I visited their second home, in Comaro Crossing ,I have to admit it is a classy venue, trendy & upmarket. There’s ample seating space, downstairs and upstairs. And the food is Amazing!! If you don’t fancy these dishes, they also offer Stew and/or Braai’d meat.


I don’t get why they don’t have menus though.

Another drawback is the music was a bit louder ,so you must shout when speaking to the person on the other side of the table.



Food is served with these starch choices, Samp or Dumpling, 2 veggies and Chakalaka.

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