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McCoy’s Lifestyle Butchery

When I heard this name McCoy’s Lifestyle Butchery I didn’t know what to expect, I mean what’s a lifestyle butchery so what better way to find out than to visit the place. So I asked a friend @QueenMbee who’s familiar with McCoy’s Lifestyle Butchery to tag along and another friend tagged along Les’Snow Snowhite a not so new friend now. It is located in Senaone Soweto, to elaborate further it is not so far from Moroka Police Station. And I’m starting to believe the saying never judge a book by its cover because this spot does’nt say much on the outside but speaks volume on the inside. McCoysI was struck by the simple decor & the cleanliness of this restaurant/butchery. I ordered the “Meal for One” which is one piece (of each) Wors, Chicken & Lamb chop .You can have this meal with Fried Chips but I paired it with Pap and it’s served with a green salad and their version of “Chakalaka”. When we asked our waitress Lebo about the Chakalaka we found out it’s actually a “Salsa” salad not chakalaka ,so point of correction Mr McCoy Lol! Meal for OneThanks to Mbali & Snowy I met the owner McCoy! Between the pap and the “chakalaka” I’m confused as to which is my favorite #nicelifeproblem. Snow advised me to sample the ox liver dish and in McCoy’s style it didn’t disappoint, what a yummy dish it was. Yup we still had more space for it!

Liver dishThey also serve drinks very nice music and two big screen Tv’s for sports & stuff, don’t worry if the music gets too loud just ask the staff for the volume to be lowered. On their menu are Platters as well and you can order take away ,for collection that is ,plus I hear the owner is a meticulous man, so if he say’s your food will be ready in a certain time ,you better come fetch your food at the exact time. It’s a beautiful spot for a Friday dinner or Sunday lunch, so if you’re around I definitely recommend it!


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    In memory of the Owner & Founder McCoy Ngobe…Rest in Peace sir, I only interacted with you for a short time at your restaurant & from that I picked up that you are a humble & gentle soul.
    Thank you for gifting us with McCoys Lifestyle Butchery. #RIPMcCoy

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