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My Taco Experience – News Cafe Hillfox!

I don’t shy away from new things so today i decided to try the famous Mexican Taco at News Cafe in Hillfox. Seeing that i had too much red meat during the festive season i chose to have the Fish Taco and my partner had Steak & Salad. We ordered our drinks along with the meal, which were Strawberry Daiquiri & Water, but i later changed my drink from water to the Screaming Orgasm Cocktail i i mean who can resist such a drink huh???


Our waiter was on a go-slow, maybe its that January salary thing or he was on medication or bhabalaaz?! This was the EPIC Fail! Firstly he didn’t introduce himself, our drink order took too long and when it came the Daiquiri was a virgin which he never bothered to ask the selection. And when our food came there was a mysterious chip in both our plates, What the…


Anyhow the steak was done proper but there was too much salad dressing i.e. the lettuce was swimming in dressing. The fish in the Tacos was nice & crisp, goes down good with the Coleslaw its paired with but i need to explore more Taco flavours note to self.

News cafe Hillfox no i dont share the vibe!!

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