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Following my previous blog about South African indigenous food, today I do a feature on the love we have for meat prepare over open fire. We call it Braai in this part of the Earth also known as Barberque. So this monday I took a short-left and drove 20km for lunch, to Cosmo City not my fault i kept getting lost. I decided to visit Chicken Dust The Original Township Flavor”, was hoping to see the brother Ofentse Mokgatle @realmokgatle aka the Owner, maybe next time.Supporting local small businesses one way or the other, it’s what I do, guess this is a hobby of mine. Come to think of it t’is the reason I created this blog.

I ordered Pap and Chicken.

Ofentse needs 2 things, my suggestion:

  1.  A better way of directing customers to his store.
  2. Relocate to a busy area. Cos his food is delicious plus he is genuinely branded i.e. Chicken Dust stands out as a brand.

Can’t wait for this brother to branch out and improve our country’s employment rate by hiring more people. This is an example of small business helping with the country’s problems i.e.the 2 staff members currently working here #bethechangeyouwanttosee. Bonus is, the term “Chicken Dust” is well known in South African kasi’s (townships). #Foodekasi

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