Tony's Menu
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TONY’s Spaghetti| Grill

  It’s good to explore now & again. Today’s turn is Tony’s Ristorante, an Italian Restaurant specialising in Spaghetti and Grill. The menu is in Italian so we had to learn the pronunciations quickly 😃. Thanks to the friendly waiter Ewert all our orders were spot on. A Starter is…

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Contimusic Royalty Free Music
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Conti Music – Free Royalty Free Music

If you ever thought that your online work or blog goes unnoticed in this planet, of 7 Billion people…Well I’m here to tell you that my friend one day, someone somewhere will notice you & give you that credit and validation you longing for. #itsroughoutchea #itgetslonelyintheworldwideweb This person who’s a…

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chicken dust meal
Food Ekasi

Original Chicken Dust

Following my previous blog about South African indigenous food, today I do a feature on the love we have for meat prepare over open fire. We call it Braai in this part of the Earth also known as Barberque. So this monday I took a short-left and drove 20km for…

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Kota with chips
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This meal deserves to be nationalised. It’s the darling meal in many parts of SA and it’s affordable, mostly sold in the townships.  If you wondering, this is like the burger meal of South African. Just like American burgers, we should be exporting Kotas😁 It’s basically a piece of unsliced…

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