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Sedibeng Meadowlands

A couple of saturdays ago i visited this pub in Ndofaya aka Meadowlands Soweto for a night-out. Sedibeng is a great Restaurant & Pub, the patrons is always a mature crowd that i can guarantee & that’s awesome about this joint. It was not the first time i found myself here & I hate to say it but somethings never change…Don’t get me wrong they are very good ,I’d say 8/10 on the pub side of things ie Drinks & Music but the Restaurant .Let me just say don’t wait till you hungry to order because they take their damn time to deliver your food…I timed the waiter on this day & we received our order in 25min & no apology or explanation for that. As i said I’ve experienced this delay with their food so I suggest if you are impatient rather go there with a full tummy! You’ve been warned…

sedibeng food & menusedibeng inside

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