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Soweto Gold – Superior Lager

Soweto Gold frontback

In life it’s true that some of the hidden treasures are right beneath your nose. I didn’t know about this craft beer called Soweto Gold, even worse that it is brewed right inside this famous township, Soweto. These guys are running a proper brewery at Ubuntu Kraal Orlando West there must be something magical with this area of soweto,no manga manga business. It was introduced to me during an impromptu meeting at the Rocomamas Restaurant, I was shocked and right then I knew the topic of my next blog post.

Ladies & Gents I introduce to you the Superior Lager that is SowetoGold


And they have “Soweto Passion” as one of the ingredients…love it! This is truly the definition of #DrinksEkasi one of the subjects for this blog. It must just be easily accessible that’s it.

I wish Mr Ndumiso Madlala & the @SowetoGold Team the best of luck for their future endeavours and may they grow into a huge conglomerate in Africa.


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