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It’s good to explore now & again. Today’s turn is Tony’s Ristorante, an Italian Restaurant specialising in Spaghetti and Grill.

The menu is in Italian so we had to learn the pronunciations quickly 😃. Thanks to the friendly waiter Ewert all our orders were spot on.
A Starter is “Antipasti”
A Salad is “Insalata”

Obviously Pizza and Pasta on the menu

And Grills.

For starters we had “Polpette” which is Meatballs made up of Italian Beef & Pork Meatballs in tomato sauce. My colleagues had Chicken Livers aka “Fegatini di Pollo”. Their dishes are nicely plated & taste awesome.

Main course – Ox Tail and Baby Chicken.

I wasn’t sure of my selection because most places don’t prepare the Ox tail that well…So I trusted our waiter, and no complaints it was well done and tasted devine. I must add that the portions here are GENEROUS! It has a very relaxed environment, for an intimate or a group outing. I definitely recommend Tony’s Spaghetti
Dessert we ordered a Panacotta and Malva pudding …also generous portions I might add.

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