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Tso’s Butchery & Fast Food

Don’t let the name fool you this is more than a butchery and fast food joint, it also acts as a pub rather the other name is Tso’s Pub! This was submitted by one of our contributors Dj Pressure, find him on facebook as Dj-pressure Matthew M… This pub is located in one of the Townships in the West Rand known as Kagiso ,the full address is 6400 Radebe Str Kagiso 2

Tso's Butchery & Fast Food in Kagiso 2
Tso’s Butchery & Fast Food in Kagiso 2

So if you happen to be that side of town make a turn. Dj Pressure gives it a 7 out 10 mainly because the sound is not set up efficiently otherwise everything is top. Check him out on the below pic…

Dj Pressure at Tso's Butchery & Fast Food
Dj Pressure at Tso’s Butchery & Fast Food
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