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Xoli’s Pub & Restaurant in Zola

Ox liver plate

This has to be one of the most loved & famous dishes in South African homes ,Pap & Beef Liver. Moreso that it’s sold in township restaurants like Xoli’s Pub & Restaurant in Zola 1 Soweto. It’s a simple dish but not everyone has the skills to get it right, so I always choose carefully whenever I crave liver. Hence before my overseas trip I decided to indulge in this local cuisine…Liva_Pap pic01

I love how at Xoli’s Pub & Restaurant they garnish the Pap with the sauce…

And how the Juicy beef liver melts in your mouth. This plate is enough for 2, that’s how generous the people are at Xoli’s.

Liva_Pap pic02

They’ve expanded their menu from Drinks & Food, it now includes Cakes ,Scones ,Tea & Coffee.

Liva_Pap pic03

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